Baeble First Play: Marit Larsen Pays Homage To Joni Mitchell

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Baeble First Play: Marit Larsen Pays Homage To Joni Mitchell





Whether it’s intentional or not, there’s a misogynistic streak (or at the very minimum, massive indications of male privilege) when Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez aren’t brought up in the same breath as Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel as the defining folk artists of the 1960s. It’s especially egregious since her 1971 record Blue is one of the best and most important records of its era. And Norwegian folk artist Marit Larsen understands the important of Joni Mitchell on her upcoming EP, Joni Was Right, which is an homage to the iconic folk figurehead.

We’ve got the exclusive premiere of Larsen’s final single from the record, “Morgan Was Right,” before the record’s release tomorrow. And it is elegant, ethereal folk cut from the Mitchell mold, and maybe it’s the title or the soft strumming of the guitars but I can’t help but think of Mitchell’s ode to my college town, “Morning Morgantown.” If you’re on the hunt for lush and gorgeous folk that draws from the best of classic inspirations, you need more Marit Larsen in your life immediately.

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