Håndbrygging in Joni Mitchell’s footsteps

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Gaffer | By Øyvind Lønberg
Friday, 04/01/2016 at. 11:15
Photo: Tord Litle crust / www.tordlitleskarephoto.com

Marit Larsen releases today its new mini album Joni Was Right, a publication with a slightly more folk-like feel than what we’re used to hearing from the artist. The most prominent change from her previous releases is in the sound and genre, where Larsen now trying their hand at something more “folky shit”, as it so nice is described in the press release from her own fledgling label Hand Brew Records.

She has long wanted to do it, but has remained to popsjangeren. Why has she decided to change musical pastures right now?

– Time was simply built. I got done a solid pop album with previous album When The Morning Comes, and feel well actually I’ve got a bit out of the system for a while. It was perhaps the purest pop record I’ve made so far. Besides, I compromising with people so long that it was tempting to do just this as my first own release. It feels right. Man has been able to hear it right from the debut album that some people have crept in occasionally pop, she says when we meet her at Frogner in Oslo.

The new album is named after her favorite artist and great source of inspiration Joni Mitchell. The songs are written in London and Los Angeles, and Larsen explains that it’s important for her to stay in an English-speaking country when she writes lyrics to keep my English alive. The album was recorded in the Faroe Islands, which she speaks particularly hot about.

– I believe in not having unlimited time. I begin with a very thorough pre-production, but will have a short and intensive time in the studio. The advantage of the Faroe Islands was that it was stormy, winter and February and absolutely nothing happened. Hail and rain that drummed on the large windows in the studio made sure we had hurried to take up between bursts, which also helped effectiveness. I locked myself in the studio for seven days with the band, and for a time with mixing and mastering in Oslo was the album finished.

Another fairly big change is that Larsen, a growing number of other artists, now goes on a separate label and make themselves independent of a major label. She has chosen to call the company Hand Brew Records. Such a change would of course also have an influence on the music.

– There is very much that is good at working with a major label when one is a young artist at the beginning of his career. It is good to know that someone has quality stamped your music, and it is safe to have the kind of apparatus around them, as a safety net. Now I feel anyway that I’m ready to trust my own knowledge and experience, and it feels good. Now that the device moreover are so small, the processes go faster and the music feels when still fresh for me when I give it out. Another good thing is that I first own masters mine, which is a very good feeling. I have a clearly emotional ownership of my music, and it feels natural to own it yourself for real.

Larsen says that she is looking forward to helping other artists up and forward through the new label her, and give them patience and an opportunity to grow, not found in many other places in the record business anymore. Plan ahead is also giving out more frequent releases of his own music, and continue in folk track.

First, she released a mini tour where she looks forward to playing on some smaller places than usual, especially on Verdensteateret in Tromso, she can tell that she is really looking forward to.

For all tour dates Marit Larsen via GAFFA LIVE.

Joni Was Right is out already today.

Link to the review: gaffa.no
Authur: Øyvind Lønberg
Picture by: Tord Litle crust / www.tordlitleskarephoto.com

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