Review: Marit Larsen takes full control

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MINI ALBUM: Marit Larsen publishes his most people-embossed album of their career, a particularly tasteful mini album called “Joni Was Right.” Photo: Ingrid Pop

Gives out a five new songs Joni Mitchell can be proud of.

Without date stamp

“Joni Was Right” may have no immediate radio hits like “Do not Save Me”, “Under The Surface” and “If A Song Could Get Me You”, but consists of five songs without date stamping.Even the cover is retro, showing Marit on a traditional diner ‘over there’. The lyrics borrer albeit not as deep as in Mitchell and Welch, but Marit stays within a familiar universe for her. As usual, it’s often about love, which can be both complicated and prohibited. The one is the never finished. Okay, Joni has been right all along. And – we want more than a quarter of this!

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