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Marit Larsen (33) believes one of the finest of the Norwegian summer, the weather is so unreliable that drinking coffee on the steps in the morning getting a kind of solemnity.
Lørenskog girl started as an artist and songwriter already at age 13. band M2M with artist colleague Marion Raven. The duo broke in 2002, and since then Larsen released six albums. Last out was the mini album Joni was right in April this year.

Before Larsen embark on festival tour all over the country in early August, both body and soul to rest pulse in Brooklyn, New York.

Familiar faces share their best tips and summer memories with Osloby the gap #MittSommerOslo. Share your best Oslo tips with us on Instagram by hashtags #MittSommerOslo. We select the best Instagram photos and creates an Oslo-guide running on Aftenposten surfaces during late summer.
What are your plans for summer 2016?

– I replace Sunnmørsalpene with Brooklyn this year. Attempting me on any break with books and stationary occasionally commissioning of new release and festival tour.

If the sun shines, I like best:

– Some of the finest of the Norwegian summer, the weather is unreliable enough that any chance to drink coffee on the steps in the morning getting a kind of solemnity about it.

Reckon it, I tend to:

– Play, create food that takes a long time, going to the movies.

The best beach in Oslo are:

– I have to cheat here and proclaim that the best seaside resorts in Oslo is at Nesodden. Is it legal? Yes.

Songwriting looks a lot like this.

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Here I learned to swim:

– In the swimming hall of the school. 8 years. Skeptical type.

The ultimate summer day looks like this:

– Wake up without alarm clock, eat long meals, bike to appointments, speak in full sentences.

My favorite dish in the summer heat:

– Ceviche with coriander and pomegranate.

This I like best to drink:

– Anything, as long as it contains rhubarb.

My best summer memory:

– Mountain tours in western Norway in Lofoten. When the body is working so hard that his head is only focused on where the bones properly. It is meditation with ridiculously wonderful experiences as a bonus. Always long back.

If I’m going out to turn me, I go:

– On festival.

My favorite reading material:

– Three books on the list. “Fields” by Vilde Fastvold, “Half wild” by Robin McArthur and “Max, Mischa tetoffensiven” by Johan Harstad.

These are a few of my favorite things. 🚙☕️🎶

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Summer Oslo’s hidden gem is:

– The guys on the mound has the best ice. Try with licorice or olive oil and bacon. You’re welcome.

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