Episode 32: Noodle & Donburi | Marit Larsen | Moneyball

Episode 32: Noodle & Donburi | Marit Larsen | Moneyball

Program: KPod

By: K-Pod Korea

Date: Jan 3, 2012

Link to Podcast: itunes.apple.com

Description of Podcast:
Johnny Bland and Dan Johnson have both spent considerable time in Korea. Dan is passionate about music. Johnny is passionate about film. They’re both passionate about living as ex-pats in Korea. Join Dan & Johnny as they give tips on living in Korea and commentary on Korean culture, music, and film.

Description of Episode 32:
Johnny and Dand tried their second Japanese restaurant for their udon quest. The dish Johnny ordered was massive, but the taste was not as good as Narabi. After dinner, they headed over to “Cafe” An educated guess after they couldn’t figure out the name so they just named the cafe after the sign which simply read, “Cafe”.) Once settled, Dan and Johnny began their discussion on the singer Marit Larsen (yes, they have talked about her before already) and the film Moneyball. The guys really enjoyed the cafe and were even given a book the cafe owner’s wife wrote.
Show Notes: Restaurant Noodle & Donburi is located on the second floor along the main street leading to Hongdae University. If you are walking towards Hongdae, it will be on your left. Dan ordered another variation of the pork. This time it came with an egg on top.  Johnny ordered pretty much the same thing as last week. However… …the bowl was much, much larger! Dan had to help Johnny eat it, since it was apparently made for two. (The cost is the same as other restaurants.)

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