Joni Was Right II

Out on: Håndbrygg Records


Joni Was Right

Marit Larsen

Bluebelle Mountain

Marit Larsen

The Circles

Marit Larsen

Winter Never Lasts Forever

Marit Larsen

Shelby Avenue

Marit Larsen

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Joni Was Right II was released 0n September 9, 2016. Purchase “Joni Was Right II” or stream it today!
Here’s the sweetener, If you purchase either the vinyl or CD from Marit Larsen’s official website, you can also look forward to getting her autograph.  😀

Joni Was Right II Lyrics:

  1. Joni Was Right
  2. Bluebelle Mountain
  3. The Circles
  4. Winter Never Lasts Forever
  5. Shelby Avenue




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