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As expected, Marit Larsen’s mini album “Joni Was Right” had another side too.

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Posted: September 9, 2016 at 9:40
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Marit Larsen

“Joni Was Right II”


“We’d love one more round, which page 2 on a whole album that could quickly become Marit Larsen’s Best,” we wrote when it still was not confirmed that this would become an entire album. Now comes another round, which really is page 2 when “Joni Was Right” comes on vinyl.

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Marit Larsen is one of those artists who probably love the album as a whole expression. Now one might find new ways to make their mark on, and to divide the “Joni Was Right” into two parts has certainly its advantages in the difficult “market”. Promo Agency has not exactly had much luck with launching Karpe Diem “Hello Montebello» in several installments one we can count. Now comes also a new review for Marit Larsen on these pages, just five months after the last time. We are hardly alone in giving her this attention.

This second part begins with the song called “Joni Was Right,” which is about growing up and getting older and a little wiser. Exactly what Joni was right about has not been specified, but it may well be something to be adult enough to see both sides of life, that it is going to be both bad and good. This knowledge also comes back in several of the songs afterwards.

Still accompanying Marit Larsen’s vocals on the EP were voices and strings belonging to Christer Slaaen, Mari Kreken and Tor Egil Kreken. We recall that the latter two have just released an album as Darling West, which needs highly recommended for anyone who likes these songs to Marit Larsen. With her they are also deep in the traditional americana-tradition “Blue Belle Mountain” and makes it so great that there must be a market for all “Joni” project the United States of also.

But the new underside of the plate is still a bit different than the first. Here Larsen received extra help from Highasakite Kristoffer Lo, especially in “The Circles” that is the most different song here, with tuba and satisfied “You-you-you” -nynning. He is also well present in the large organized “Winter Never Lasts Forever,” but here it Larsens unmistakable voice that carries the song almost by itself.

Everything has an end, and “Shelby Avenue” is yet another blow beautiful romantic reminiscence about the good old days, and the finest song on these two discs. Was this Marit Larsen’s best album in the end? I think we say it.

Marit Larsen is touring in September, including with concerts at City Scene in Fredrikstad (14), Bærum Culture (17), wharf, Halden (22) and Kultur Jakob Oslo (24)

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