Seasoned genre tribute from Marit Larsen

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Marit Larsen took earlier this year control over her own career. Intermediary and label were cut out, in favor of her own label, Håndbryggrecords, and complete creative control.

The result was the EP Joni was right, which was well received by both the public and the press. The music was stripped down to the basic elements, with great success; songwriter talent got flourish without the unnecessary hoopla.

Now the sequel here, with five new tracks driven by acoustic guitar and Larsen pleasurable voice. And again release defined by craftsmanship and efficient style grip.

Playing soft americana

The album opens with the title track “Joni was right.” Here introduced metered blowers in the mix, as corroborative garnish for the soft-spoken vocals and smooth stringed instruments.

These are soft americana, where Larsen and her comrades operating in a mainly acoustic soundscapes with some electric touches to create variety and sonic breadth. It’s a proven formula, which Larsen speaks very well.

She has steel control and puts largely their own stamp on a genre where there are lots of leg.

Other song out is the bluesy “Bluebell mountain.” Here works the strings together to create a strong, but minimalist foundation for the beautiful vocal harmonies. It moves at a relaxed pace, giving the vocals a good leeway to explore melody.

Frase rings are catchy and will continue for a few cycles after the music stops, with a chanting repetition of the chorus.

A thoughtful album

Next tune out, “The circles,” is a more playful affair, the borderline between joy and melancholy. Here used jazz elements to fill the open soundstage Larsen jobs within. Although the songs are moving in the same terrain, all have something that makes them stand out in the collection.

This is in many ways a thoughtful album. The focus of the lyrics are interpersonal relationships (surprisingly enough), without there being an abundance of clichés and empty phrases.

Also explores Larsen arch types of text content, with a personal twist. On the final “Shelby avenue” seeps nostalgia of music form into thetext, which seems to focus on a lost, idyllic youth. Recognize Bart and poetic.

She blows life into her compositions

It is in no way innovative; Larsen is not out to revolutionize the genre. She chooses rather to put his soul in your work and show their talent in a familiar form.

That she succeeded in handy, although not all the material immediately sticks to the brain. The short session has large re hearing value.

This type of singer-songwriter folk / americana is a genre which in some ways may seem stubborn, characterized by rules and tradition. But Larsen mastered the superb and perfectly capable reinvigorate the compositions. Here trumps crafts innovation.

The fifteen minutes that fills here constitutes an appropriate length. Avoiding monotony, while creating a clear correlation. The format works again excellent for Marit Larsen, and cements the new chapter in her career.



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